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Fifth Grade Math Skills

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Skills 1

     Topics include:
  • put numbers or words associated with numbers in order from least to greatest or greatest to least  
  • solve problems with fractions or decimals whether it be to represent whole numbers or numbers less than or greater than one
  • compare fractions
  • recognize fractions in simplest form
  • use a variety of strategies to estimate, approximate, and determine a reasonable solution based on the context of the problem

Skills 2

     Topics include:

  • describe the relationship between sets of data in graphic organizers
  • identify prime and composite numbers
  • select from and use diagrams and equations to represent meaningful problem situations 

Skills 3

     Topics include:

  • identify essential attributes including parallel, perpendicular, and congruent parts of two- and three-dimensional geometric figures
  • identify the transformation that generates one figure from the other
  • locate and name points on a coordinate plane

Skills 4

     Topics include:

  • perform simple conversions with the same measurement system
  • connect models for perimeter, area, and volume with their respective formulas
  • select and use appropriate units and formulas to measure length, perimeter, area, and volume
  • solve problems involving changes in temperature
  • solve problems involving elapsed time

Skills 5

     Topics include:

  • use fractions to describe the results of an experiment
  • use experimental results to make a prediction
  • list all possible outcomes of a probability experiment
  • use tables of related number pairs to make a line graph
  • describe characteristics of data presented in tables and graphs including median, mode, and range
  • graph a given set of data using an appropriate graphical representation

Source: Grade 5 TAKS Mathematics Information Booklet

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