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Technology Corner for Teachers

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Project Share



Internet Safety

  • Digital Citizenship (URL
  • Facebook Poster (Safebook) (URL)
  • BrainPOP and BrainPOP Jr. (login required to access some movies)
    • Digital Citizenship Movies (URL
    • Computers and Internet Movies (URL
    • Technology (URL




SMART Notebook Video Tutorials




Web 2.0 Tools

  • Webmix on Symbaloo (URL)

  • Web 2.0 Tools for the Classroom (URL




 Mimio Notebook




Kidblog.org - Tutorial on How to Add Students

Adding students to Your Class (Video)

Source: http://sites.fcps.org/trt/kidblog 





Working with Images 

Cropping an Image in Microsoft Office (PDF, Video)

Grouping Images in Microsoft Office (PDF, Video)

Saving Microsoft Clip Art to Your Computer (PDF)

Converting Clip Art Files to JPEG or PNG Formats (PDF)



Photo Story 3 


Movie Maker

Let's Make a Movie - Working with Movie Maker (PPT)

Windows Movie Maker 2 Training (URL)

Windows Movie Maker (User Guide) (PDF)


Book Trailers

Book Trailers - Movies for Literacy (Samples created by students from Dakota State University, St. Thomas School, and Madison Elementary)

Book Trailer Lesson - complete with planning template, storyboard template, and rubric



Create a Book Online

Tikatok - Teachers can create free accounts and add students to their "class" so that they can create their books, save them, publish them, and share them.

Storyjumper - This website allows the students to create their book, but in order to save it, registration is required. However, for minors (under the age of 13), parental consent is necessary to create an account and use the site.



Prezi - A New Way to Present






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