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K-2 Technology Activities

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English Resources








Class Timer
Preschool Printing Practice - beginning writing skills worksheets
Block Handwriting - create customized worksheets to practice handwriting (e.g. students' names for homework binder)
Handwriting practice for letters of the alphabet (lowercase and uppercase) and the numbers 
PBS Web site for kids - has many interactive learning games
For Spanish speakers - students will have to create a username and password (unless the teacher creates a generic one). Also, there is a limit to the number of free educational games - a subscription may be required to access more resources.
This site has educational games for all grade levels and in different content areas.
This site has games, songs, and stories for kindergarten.
Web site with math adoption
This site has different PowerPoint presentations on animals that can be downloaded.
This site has PowerPoint presentations in different subjects and topics.
Reading is Fundamental has interactive features such as read aloud, sing-along songs, learning games, and much more.  In the preschoolers section, student can listen to stories and watch the words light up as they are read.  In addition, the student has the option to stop, go back, or proceed to the next page. Other activities that preschoolers can do on this site are doodling and coloring online.
This site has an online drawing and painting program for elementary students.  Although it does not have as many features as KidPix, it allows students to draw, stamp, type text, add shapes, etc., and it's free.
Littlefingers.com has made some games available online for different grade levels.  Some of these games include the colors, patterns, syllables, and which one is (smaller, full, empty, below the line, etc.). 
This site has printable worksheets for the letters, word families, and much more.
First School
Primera Escuela - resources in Spanish
Free educational software

 Spanish Resources


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