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1st Grade Spanish Language Literacy Activities

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Oyendo Los Sonidos (Conocimiento Fonológico)

Students will practice moving sound boxes to hear Spanish phonemes. 

Oyendo Los Sonidos 


El Alfabeto

Students will hear the sounds of the Spanish Alphabet as well as a word that begins with each letter.

El Alfabeto


Las Silabas con "m", "s", y "l"; Las Vocales; Los Numeros

These sites have interactive games broken into two components - a teaching component and an assessment component.  The "aprender" component allows the student to click on a syllable, vowel, or number and hear its pronunciation.  The "preguntar" component repeats a syllable, vowel, or number until the student clicks on the correct answer.

Las Silabas

Las Vocales

Los Numeros


Las Sílabas

Student review listening to several two-syllable words.  

Las Sílabas 


Juego de Sílabas

Students drag the word to the appropriate category (monosílabas or bisílabas) depending whether it has one or two syllables each word has.



BINGO de Palabras (Set 1)

Create BINGO cards with frequently used Spanish words. The complete list of words is provided below.

BINGO (Set 1) (3 x 3 Grid)

Spanish BINGO Set 1 Word List


Mis Palabras - Frequently Used Words in Spanish

Students will hear the frequently used words and then click and drag a tile with the word to match the sound.

Mis Palabras 1 (set 1)

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