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5th Grade Social Studies

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Social Studies (General Resources)

  • Ms. Daubner - Useful Links - Social Studies (URL)

  • United States History - 5th Grade Links (URL)

  • Interactive Websites for American History (URL


History - Constitution

  • The Constitution for Kids (4th - 7th Grade) (URL)
  • Congress for Kids: Constitution (URL
  • US Constitution - FREE Presentations in PowerPoint Format (URL
  • Constitution Day Resources - Library of Congress (URL)
  • Elementary School Activities for Constitution Day (URL
  • Region XIII Celebrates Constitution Day (URL
  • Region XIII Celebrates Women's Independence Day (URL)  


History - Early American Civilizations

  • 5th Grade Resources (URL
  • 5th Grade Incas/Aztec/Mayans Quizlet Flashcards (URL
  • The Aztecs - Pete's PowerPoints (URL
  • The Fall of the Aztecs (URL
  • The Incas - Pete's PowerPoints (URL
  • The Conquest of the Incas (URL
  • The Mayas - Pete's PowerPoints (URL
  • The Anasazi (URL)  


History - Historical Figures

  • Explorers (URL)

  • Historical Figures - 5th Grade (URL


History - Early America


History - Spanish and French Colonies



  • Definition of the Five Themes of Geography (URL)
  • The Five Themes of Geography - Pete's PowerPoints (URL
  • Five Activities for Teaching Geography's Five Themes (URL
  • The Five Themes of Geography (Video
  • 50 U.S. States (URL
  • The US50 - A Guide to the Fifty States (URL
  • The Fifty States - Factmonster (URL
  • Regions of the United States (URL
  • Regions of the United States WebQuest (URL
  • United States Regions (URL
  • Maps of United States Regions (URL
  • Regions Activities -- Scott Foresman (URL
  • MrsRuss.com - United States Regions (URL










Science, Technology, and Society


Social Studies Skills


Based on Texas TEKS, 19 TAC Chapter 113 - http://ritter.tea.state.tx.us/rules/tac/chapter113/ch113a.html

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