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Creativity and Innovation for K - 2nd

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Online Technology Tools 

Ideas for Classroom Use 

My Storymaker

Students can create a story by either writing sentences or dragging and dropping characters and props onto the book. The students can print their book when they are finished and/or share their book online with others. 

Nick Jr Create

Students can use the Free Draw game to create an illustration on a variety of topics. Students can also use the Sticker Pictures game to create a scene given different characters, settings, and additional props.
Kerpoof Studio  Students can make a movie, a card, a drawing, or a picture. There are lesson plans and classroom ideas for teachers. 
ClassTools.net (Timeline) Students can create a timeline and save the finished product as a web page and/or embed the timeline into a blog, wiki, or web page.
Acrostic Poems (ReadWriteThink) Student create acrostic poems.
Book Cover Creator (ReadWriteThink) Students can design a book cover for a selected book. The templates vary for all levels (Drawing, Title with Drawing, Title with Text and Drawing, etc.).
Doodle Spash (ReadWriteThink) Students can create an illustration to demonstrate their comprehension of a given text, story, book, etc.
Postcard Creator (ReadWriteThink)  Students can create a postcard. The interactive tool explains the different parts of a postcard, and then the students follow a series of steps to create their own. 
Printing Press (ReadWriteThink)  Students can use this tool to create a variety of desktop publising items such as a newsletter, a brochure, a flyer, and a booklet. There is no print preview feature.  
Theme Poems (ReadWriteThink) Students can select a theme (image) and write a poem about it. An example could be to write a poem about a selected shape (rectangle, triangle, etc.) for math in order to demonstrate understanding of that shape's properties or attributes.
Glogster EDU With this tool, students can present information in a different way similar to a collage with hyperlinks, images, videos, and more.
Kidblog This blogging site allows teachers to moderate all entries and it also gives the teacher the option to make the blog private or public. The teacher can create generic logins for students to avoid privacy issues.
Wikispaces and/or PBworks Both of these sites allow teachers to create classroom accounts and then create student accounts with generic logins. Students will be able to add information to wikis about topics they have been researching, they can embed videos or other objects they have created.

Other Technology Tools

Ideas for Classroom Use

iMovie Students can create a video of something they learned that day or week.
Garage Band, ACID Xpress or Audacity Students can create podcasts and/or music to demonstrate their understanding of a topic.
PowerPoint or Keynote Students can create a slide-show presentation about a given topic.
Photo Story Students can create a narrated digital storybook.  They can add photos they had taken or pictures they have drawn using a drawing/painting program and/or scanned into the computer.
Publisher Students can create brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more using this desktop publishing program.

iOS Apps

Ideas for Classroom Use


Tell Time Little Matchups




Students practice telling time. Teachers can create custom problems. Voice can be recorded.





This is an app that can be used for storytelling. Students can select characters or draw their own characters. Stories can be shared with others.

Sight Words by Little Speller




Students learn to spell sight words. Customization features include adding pictures and voice.

Story Kit




Students can create an electronic storybook. They can add pictures or draw on the screen to illustrate their story.


Splash Math (not the Full Version)




Different skills and topics are practiced including place value, number sense, addition/subtraction, graphs, money, and time.

Music Sparkles




Students are able to play different types of instruments. This tool can be used to help students create songs about a topic.

Popplet Lite



This app allows students to organize ideas using words and images. It is a graphic organizer. The lite version is limited to just one popplet whereas the full version ($4.99) allows the user to create an unlimited number of popplets.

Pizza Fraction - Beginning with

Simple Fractions 




Students are given a visual representation of a fraction and then asked to identify the fraction that is displayed.  

Motion Math: Hungry Fish




Students practice mental addition and subtraction. In-app purchases are available for other levels.

Math BINGO Games -

A Racing Game for Kids




The BINGO cards include counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. 

Doodle Buddy




This app allows students to draw, paint, doodle, and stamp on pictures from Photo Album or on backgrounds provided by the app.

Geoboard by The Math Learning Center




This app serves as a virtual manipulative for teaching shapes, symmetry, and other geometrical concepts in math.

Math Age 3-5




The trial version (which is free) has only one topic. Each additional topic costs $1.99. Topics include sorting and matching, counting to 3, lines and patterns, and more.

Interactive Telling Time Lite




The lite version is free (full version is $2.99), but the students can only practice setting the time and stopping the clock at a given time.  The full version allows students to read a clock, the concept between day and night, and more.

Counting Money



This app has flexible settings that can be changed as needed - some of which include number of questions, timer on/off, and difficulty level.  The way the question(s) are designed is the student is given a value and must decide which coins are necessary to obtain that total value.

ABC Magic Reading

Short Vowel Words




Students practice hearing cvc words (with pictures as a visual aid) and spelling them.

Writing Pad




The app provides the large lined writing pad with the middle line so that students can practice writing appropriately.




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