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Digital Citizenship for K - 2nd

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Online Technology Tools 

Ideas for Classroom Use 

Infinite Learning Lab Professor Garfield explains Cyberbullying and Online Safety
NetSmartzKids Videos Videos for children ages 5-10 regarding online safety  
Internet Safety Lessons and Activities Lessons from Cybersmart curriculum and other sites listed as resources
BrainPopJr Internet Safety Internet Safety lesson available as a free topic 
The First Adventure of the Three Little Pigs Student learn about the dangers of opening emails from unknown sources and providing personal information on questionable sites. 

Faux Paw's Adventures on the Internet

Activity Sheet

This short video shows the dangers of meeting people online and how to stay safe. There is an activity sheet that can be used with the video.
Internet Safety for Kids K - 3 This is a YouTube video about Internet Safety.

Other Technology Tools

Ideas for Classroom Use

iMovie or Movie Maker Students can work collaboratively to create a video of something they learned that day or week.
Garage Band, ACID Xpress or Audacity Students can create podcasts and/or music to demonstrate their understanding of a topic. The podcasts can be posted on a wiki, blog, and/or school website.
PowerPoint or Keynote Students can create a slide-show presentation about a given topic.
Photo Story Students can create a narrated digital storybook.  They can add photos they had taken or pictures they have drawn using a drawing/painting program and/or scanned into the computer.
Publisher Students can create brochures, newsletters, flyers, and more using this desktop publishing program.

iOS Apps

Ideas for Classroom Use












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